We have never seen anything like these paper clips before. They are fine money clips too. Good collector's item. 
        --- Jerry & Rachel 
    Beaverton, OR

"The sleek form is deceptive. It isn't all just good looks. This paper clip can easily tame a whole magazine with all the pages in between."
Bill Donnagan
                Oregon, USA

Huge printable surface for your logo at minimal cost. Reserve your space now.

US and Worldwide Patents Pending

The design of this paperclip is the perfect balance of form & function. Its elegant simplicity draws the eye while functionally it out performs other paperclips on the market.
                  --- JIm Marsh
  MIPO, Inventors Society

"I will give papergrip a grade of A+"

Maker of Printa Clip and Papergrip

Original Promotional Paperclips

 Paperclip          vs         Papergrip

 6.50 in..............Reach .............4.75 in
105 years............Age................5 years
12 Pages........Capacity.......
24 Pages

Head-to-head Matchup

The first round  begins with 3-6 pages to clip and the  match looks even.  After adding just ten  more , the veteran paperclip  has  reached its limit. By 24  pages shown  above, the  popular  paperclip curls   up, and its pointed tip  threatens to rip the paper once it is  pulled off. Meanwhile, Papergrip™  held firm with poise. The obvious  winner  is quite easy  to spot here,  but can you  guess who the real winner is?
Ans. Greener Mother Earth


Be earth friendly, save 27 pieces per box of 100  paperclips* --- switch to Papergrip™ 

In  weight and reach , the green veteran paperclip dominates Papergrip™. It turns out that the smaller contender is actually greener. It uses 27% less wire by comparison  yet packs twice as much  capacity. Retirement looms  for the older guy. The world should not worry though, a worthy replacement has arrived.

If you delight at what  Papergrip™ can do, you will be amazed even more by its big brother. Shown in red on the left and looking oversize, the hefty sibling  is actually just as tall as the popular paperclip. It can  easily clip a whole magazine forty pages  or more.


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