We have never seen anything like these paper clips before. They are fine money clips too. Good collector's item. 
        --- Jerry & Rachel 
    Beaverton, OR

"The sleek form is deceptive. It isn't all just good looks. This paper clip can easily tame a whole magazine with all the pages in between."
Bill Donnagan
                Oregon, USA

Huge printable surface for your logo at minimal cost. Reserve your space now.

US and Worldwide Patents Pending

The design of this paperclip is the perfect balance of form & function. Its elegant simplicity draws the eye while functionally it out performs other paperclips on the market.
                  --- JIm Marsh
  MIPO, Inventors Society

"I will give papergrip a grade of A+"

Maker of Printa Clip and Papergrip

Original Promotional Paperclips

Dr. Arsen Santos, entrepreneur and founder of Office Novelty seriously took the challenge to improve the shortcomings of a venerable office gadget - the paperclip. He saw a  need for a clip with large capacity. Patient records in the clinic easily max out the common paperclip. Ideally, the clip must not curl up when fastening thick set of documents. It should not deform easily with repeated use and must be tangle free in container. Armed with these criteria he began his search. Butterfly clips on the market can hold stacks of papers but loses grip on fewer pages afterwards. Binder clips on the other hand are bulky and expensive. The four-incher super giant gem clip is a bit humongous for practical use and quite expensive. Clearly a new design is necessary.

More than a hundred years ago the common paperclip made its first appearance . The most familiar model is the thrombone shaped Gem clip. It has survived the challenges of competing models for a long time. Nevertheless, the design of this iconic paperclip is far from perfect.
For one thing, the free ends tend to rip the paper when it is pulled off. It has limited clipping capacity and curls up if forced to clip more pages. It uses wire less efficiently. These design limitations are neatly solved in Papergrip and Logogrip™.  

Now, we are proud to offer a viable eco - friendly alternative. Papergrips conserve 27% wire compared to ordinary paperclip. In addition, our paperclips are also advertising mini billboard and money clip too. The early testers of these hybrid paperclips were thoroughly impressed. They often ask how and where to order. Thus, Office Novelty was incorporated in 2010 to fulfill the needed services. Our goal is to make Papergrip and Printa Clip staple destop items and advertising media globally. We hope that you will enjoy the benefits of using our products for years to come.

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